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Alle Abk├╝rzungen mit dem Anfangsbuchstaben a

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Abkürzung Langform
ACAS Application Control Architecture Services
ACATS Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Systems
ACB Application Control Block
ACB ACcess Barred
ACB Access method Control Block
ACB Adapter Control Block
ACB Automatic Call Back
ACC Adaptive Cruise Control
ACC Adaptive Cruise Control
acc Atari Programm (GEM/resident)
ACC Abnormal Condition Control
ACC Accumulator
ACC Area Communication Controller
acc Akkusativ
ACC Automatic Congestion Control
ACC Application Control Code
ACC Accessory Signal
ACC Active Cylinder Control
ACC Area Control Computers
ACC2 Adventure Concept Car
ACCEL Accellerator
ACCOLC ACCess OverLoad Class
ACCS Automated Calling Card Service
ACCSY Accessory
acct. account
ACCU Association of C and C++ Users
ACD Automotive Components Division
ACD Automated/Automatic Call Director/Distributor/Distribution
ACD Automatic Call Distribution
ACD Active Center Differential
ACDI Asynchronous Communications Device Interface
ACDI Asynchronous Communication Device Interface
ACDP Australian Committee on Data Processing
ACDS Active Control Data Set
ACE Additional Core Enhancements
ACE ASCII Compatible Encoding
ACE Automatic Computing Engine
ACE A Compact Evaluated Nuclear Data File
ACE pilot Automatic Computing Engine
ACE Advanced Complementary metaloxyde semiconductor (CMOS) / Emitter coupled logic (ECL)
ACE Advanced Computing Environment
ACE Advanced semiConductor Engineering incorporated
ACE Adverse Channel Enhancements
ACE Automatic Calling Equipment
ACE American national standard code for information interchange (ASCII) Compatible Encoding
ACE Access Connection Element
ACE Asynchronous Communication Element
ACE Auxiliary Control Element
ACE Access Control Entry
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