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Alle Abk├╝rzungen mit dem Anfangsbuchstaben m

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Abkürzung Langform
MBA Managed PC Boot Agent
MBA Macroblock Address
MBC Multi Bit Cell
MBFT Multipoint Binary File Transfer
MBI 2-Mercaptobenzimidazol
mbk Kopie eines Mehrfach-Indexes nach Strukturveränderung (dBASE IV)
MBONE Multicast/Multimedia Backbone
mbox Mailbox-Datei
MBPS Megabits/bytes per second
MBR Master Boot Record
MBS Mobile Broadband System
MBS Maximum Burst Size
MBT 2-Mercaptobenzthiazol
MBX Mailbox
MC Multi Carrier/Cast
MC Micro Controller
MC Monaco
MC Miniature Card
MC Moving Coil
MC Multipoint Controller
MC Master Control
MC Mobile Commerce/Communication
MCA Motion Capture and Analysis
MCA Multiprocessor Communication Adapter
MCA Machine Check Architecture
MCA Mission Critical Application
MCA Micro Channel Architecture (IBM)
MCAD Mechanical Computer Aided Design
MCB Memory Control Block
MCB Multi Communication Bar
MCBSP Multi Channel Buffered Serial Port
MCC Memory Cache Controller
MCC Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation
MCC Manchester Computing Centre
MCC Mission Control Center
mcc MSN Wählprogramm
MCC Mamas Computer Club
MCCOI Multimedia Communications Community of Interest
MCD Mini Client Driver
mcd Text (Math CAD)
MCD Mad Computer Disease
MCDA Micro Channel Developers Association
MCDBA Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
MCDS Mail Channel Directory System
MCE Media Center Edition
MCE Management Communication Engine
MCE Machine Check Exception
MCF Meta Content Format
MCF MOM Connector Framework (Microsoft)
MCFC Molten Carbonat Fuel Cell
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