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Abkürzung Langform
OME On-board Modul Extension
OMF Object Management Facility/Framework
OMF Object Module Format
OMF Open Media Framework
OMF Open Source Metadata Framework
OMFS Open Mosix File System
OMG Object Management Group
OMI Organisation Internationale Maritime (IMO)
OMI Open Microprocessor Systems Initiative
OMI Open Messaging/Modelling Interface
OML Object Manipulation Language
OMM OberflächenMicroMechanik
OMR Optical Mark Recognition
OMS Object management System
OMS Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (WHO)
OMT Object Modelling Technique
OMUP Operating and Maintenance User Part
ON Österreichisches Normungsinstitut
ONAL Off-Network Access Line
ONC Open Network Computing (Sun)
ONCS Open Network Compute Server
ONE Open Net/Network Environment (Sun)
ONI Operator Number Identification
ONM Open Network Management
ONMS Open Network Management System
ONN Open Network Node
ONP Open Network Provision
ONP Open Networking Platform
ONS Object Naming System
ons one night stand
ONU Optical Network Unit
OO Owner Override
OOA Object Oriented (System) Analysis
OOC Object Oriented Concepts
OOD Object Oriented Design
OODBMS Object Oriented Database Management System
OOE Objektorientierter Entwurf
OOF Out Of Frame
OOI Object Oriented Implementation
OOIS Object Oriented Information System
OOK On Off Keying
OOL Object Oriented Language
OON Object Oriented Nonsens
OOP Out Of Position
OOP Object Oriented Pleasure/Programming
OOPL Object Oriented Programming Language
OOPS Object Oriented Programming System
OOPSLA Object Orientied Programming Systems, Languages and Applications
OOSA Object-Oriented Software Architecture
OOT Object Oriented Technology
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