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Abkürzung Langform
OCC Omas/Opas Computer-Club
OCC Operations Control Center
OCC Other Common Carrier
OCCC Obfuscated C Code Contest
OCE Open Collaborative Environment (Apple)
OCI Operational Cryptography and Interception
OCI Oracle Call Interface
OCI Object Code Insertion
OCIL Overdrive Cancel Indicator Light
OCL Operator/Operation Control Language
OCLC Online Cataloging/Computer Library Catalog/Center
OCP Optical Storage Processor
OCR Optical Character/Curve Recognition
OCS Occupant Characterization System
OCS Overdrive Cancel Switch
OCSP Online Certificate Status Protocol
OCT Object Code Translator
OCT ADJ Octane ADJust device
OCTD Observation, Conclusion, Temporary Data
OCTI Office Central des Transports Internationaux par Chemins de Fer
OCV Open Circuit Voltage
OCX OLE Control Extensions
od oder
OD OverDrive
OD Outside Diameter
ODA Octyldecyladipat
ODA Open/Office Document Architecture
ODAC Open Document Architecture Consortium
ODAM Open Distributed Application Model
ODAPI Open Database Application Programming Interface
ODB Object Oriented Data Base
ODB Offset Deformable Barrier crash
ODBC Open Data Base Connectivity (Microsoft)
ODC Overdrive Circuit
ODCS Open Distributed Computing Structure
ODD Open Data Desktop
ODE Ordinary Differential Equation
ODE Object Data and Environment
ODE OSF Development Environment
ODETTE Organisation for Data Exchange by Tele-Transmission in Europe
ODF OpenDoc Development Framework
ODI Open Data-Link Interface (Novell)
ODIF Open/Office Document Interchange Format
ODIMS Open Distributed Information Management System
ODINSUP ODI-NDIS Supplementary Driver
ODJB Original Dixieland Jazz Band
ODL Object Definition Language, Optical Disc Library
ODM Object Data Manager
ODMA Open Document Management API
ODMG Object Database Management Group
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