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Abkürzung Langform
PAH Polycyclic Aromatik Hydrocarbons
PAID Purchasing, Accepting, Invoicing, and Disbursing System
PAIR Pulsed Secondary Air Injection system
PAK Packet (Arcnet)
pak Archivdatei (PAK)
PAK Polyzyklische Aromatische Cohlenwasserstoffe
PAK Product Authorization Key
PAK Polycyclische aromatische Kohlenwasserstoffe
PAK16 Summe der 16 PAK gemäß Liste der USEPA
PAL Privileged Architecture Library (DEC)
PAL Programmable Array Logic
PAL Prototype Access Language
PAL Paradox/Programming Application Language
pal Paletten-File (Dr.Halo / zu CUT-File)
PAL Phase Alternating Line/Loop (TV)
PALC Plasma Addressed Liquid Crystal (Display)
PAM Puls Amplitude Modulation
PAM Physical Access Method
PAM Pluggable Authentication Module/Modules
PAM Personal Application Manager
PAMR Public Access Mobile Radio
PAN Personal Area Network/Networking (Profile)
PAN (1) Polyacrylnitril, (2) Peroxyacetylnitrat, (3) Phenyl-alpha-naphthylamin
PAngG Preisangabengesetz
PANU Personal Area Network Unit
PAO Poly Alpha Olefin
PAP Password Authentication Protocol
PAP Printer Access Protocol
PAP Programmablaufplan
PAP Public Access Profile
PAP Point Authorization Protocol
PAR Positive Acknowledgement with Retransmission
par permanete Auslagerungsdatei
PAR Project Authorization Request (IEEE)
par Parameterdatei
par Windows Auslagerungsdatei/ Parameter Datei
PARC Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox)
PARISC Precision Architecture Reduced Instruction Set Computer
PARK Public Access Rights Key
PARLE Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe
Part Partizip
PAS Publicly Available Specifications
pas Pascal-Quelltext
PAS Peripheral Acceleration Sensor
PASE PAssiv Start an Entry
PASFD Peripheral Acceleration Sensor Front Driver
PASM Porsche Active Suspension Management
PASS Position Aware Safety System
PASS Picture Archiving and Sharing Standard
PAT Performance Acceleration Technique (Intel)
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