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Alle Abk├╝rzungen mit dem Anfangsbuchstaben r

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Abkürzung Langform
RM Madagaskar
RM Ressource Mangement
RM Retention Module
RM Reference Model
RMA Rate Monotonic Analysis
RMD Rhein-Main-Donau
RME RapsölMethyEster
RME Rapsölmethylester, Biodiesel
RMF Remote Management Facility
RMI Remote Method Invocation
rmi Registred MIDI-File (Microsoft)
RMM Mali
RMOA Realtime Multimedia Over ATM
RMON Remote (Network) Monitoring
RMS Reason Maintenance System
RMS Record/Resource Management Services/System
RMS Richard Matthew Stallman
RMS RAID Management Software
RMS Root Mean Square
RMS Rate Monotonic Scheduling
RMT Reliable Multicast Transport
RMT Ring Management
RN Niger
RNA Rufnummernanzeige
RNA Remote Network Access
RNARS Royal Navy Amateur Radio Society
RNC Radio Network Controller
RNG Random Number Generator
RNI Reseau National de Interconnexion de Renater
RNIS Reseau Numerique a Integration de Services
RNR Receive Not Ready (frame)
RNRT Reseau National de Recherche en Telecommunications
RNS RadioNavigationsSystem
RNSI Remote Node Service for ISDN
RO Ring Out
RO Read Only
RO Rumänien
ROADS Running Out of Address Space
ROADS Resource Organization And Discovery in Subject-based services
ROBO Remote Office Branch Office
ROC Restricted Operators Certificate
RODPO Reading on Demand - Paper Option (vulgo Buch)
ROG Raumordnungsgesetz
ROHC Robust Header Compression
ROHS Restrictions On Hazardous Substances (in Electric and Electronic Equipment)
ROI Return Of Investment
ROI Rectangle/Region Of Interest
ROK Raumordnungskataster
ROK Korea (Republik)
rol Roland Midi File
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