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Alle Abk├╝rzungen mit dem Anfangsbuchstaben r

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Abkürzung Langform
ROLAP Relational Online Analytical Processing
ROM RAID On the Motherboard
ROM read-only memory
ROM Read Only Memory
RONJA Reasonable Optical Near Joint Access
ROP Roll Over Protection
ROP RISC Operation
ROPES Rapid Object Oriented Process for Embedded Systems
ROPS Remote Operations Service
ROS Record On Silicon
ROS Remote Operation Service
ROS Resident Operating System
ROSA Receive Only Satellite Antenna
ROSE Research Open Systems for Europe
ROSE RATS Open System Environment
ROSE Remote Operations Service Element/Entity
ROTD Release Of The Day
ROU Uruguay
ROV ROtierende Verteilung
ROW Rest Of the World
ROZ Research Oktan Zahl
RP Philippinen
RP Radio Paging
RPA Remote Passphrase Authentication
RPA Reifen-Pannen-Anzeige
RPB Radio-Praktiker-Bücherei
RPB Reverse Path Broadcasting
RPC Regional Playback Control
RPC Radio Paging Call
RPC Root Path Cost
RPC Remote Procedure Call
RPD Rapid Prototyping Development
rpd Rapidfile (???)
RPELPC Regular Pulse Excited Linear Predictive Coder
RPELTP Regular Pulse Excitation with Long-Term Prediction Loop
RPF Reverse Path Forwarding
RPG Record Program Generator (IBM)
RPL Resident Programming Language
RPL Requested Privilege Level
RPM Radio Packet Modem
RPM Rapid Prototyping Module
rpm Revolution Per Minute
RPM Red Hat Package Manager
RPM Revolutions per minute
RPN Reverse Polish Notation
RPPROM Reprogrammable PROM
RPS Remote Procedure Services
RPS Redundant Power Supply
RPSL Routing Policy Specification Language
RPSU Redundant Power Supply Unit
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