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SPAG Standards Promotion and Application Group (OSI)
SPAN Services and Protocols for Advanced Networks
SPAP Shiva Password Authentication Protocol
SPARC Scalable Processor Architecture
SparPG Sparprämien-Gesetz
SPB Synchronous Pipelined Bus
SPC Small Peripheral Controller
SPC SCSI Primary Commands
SPC Stored Program Control
SPC Sub-Process Control
SPC Statistical Process Control
spd Micrografx Font
SPD Serial Presence Detect
SPD Secure Payload Database
SPDIF Sony and Philips Digital Interconnect/Interface Format
SPDL Standard Page Description Language
SPDT Single-Pole Double-Throw (Relay)
SPDU Session Protocol Data Unit
SPE Synchronous Payload Envelope
SPE Superparamagnetic Effect
SPE Sozialdemokratische Partei Europas (engl., frz.: PES)
SPEC Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation
SPF Shortest Path First
SPF Sender Permitted From
SPF Sender Policy Framework
SPF System Programming Facility
SPG Service Protocol Gateway
SPI Server Programming Interface
SPI Serial Peripheral Interface
SPI Security Parameter Index
SPI Stateful Packet Inspection
SPI SCSI-3 Parallel Interface
SPI Single Point Injection
SPI Service Provider Interface
SPI Software in the Public Interest, Inc.
SPI Symbolic Probabilistic Inference
SPICE Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis
SPICE Spacecraft, Planet, Instruments, C Matrix, Events
SPIFF Still Picture Interchange File Format
SPIM Spam over Instant Messaging
SPINE Shared Program Information Network
SPIT Spam over Internet Telephony
SPK Software Porting Kit
SPK Sparkasse
SPKM Simple Public Key GSS-API Mechanism
spl Spool-Datei-Inhalt
SPL Spooler/Spooling
SPLD Simple Programmable Logic Device
SPM Session Protocol Machine
SPM System Performance Monitor (IBM)
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