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Alle Abk├╝rzungen mit dem Anfangsbuchstaben x

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Abkürzung Langform
XLL Extensible Linking Language
XLL XLink and XPointer Languages
xll Excel XLL-Add-In
xll DLL (MS Excel)
xlm Makro-Vorlage (MS Excel)
XLM Excel Macro Language (Microsoft)
xls Tabelle (MS Excel)
xlt Mustervorlage (MS Excel)
xlv Excel visual Basic Modul
xlw ExcelWorkgroups
xlw Arbeitsmappe (MS Excel)
XMI XTendbus Multibus Interface
XML Extensible Markup Language
XMM Extended Memory Manager
XMP X/Open Management Protocol
XMPP Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
XMS Extended Memory Specification
XMSN Transmission
XMT Transmit
XMTR Transmitter
XNS Xerox Network Services/Standard/System
xof Vrml Viewer Object
XOFF Exchange/Transmitter Off
XOM X/Open Management
XON Exchange/Transmitter On
XOR Exclusive Or (auch: EOR)
XOS Experimental Operating System
XP Cross Point
XP Extreme Programming
XPC X11 Performance Characterization Group
XPEL X11 Protocol Engine Library
XPFE Cross Platform Front End
XPG X/Open Portability Guide
XPLA Extended Programmable Logic Array
xpm X11-s/w-Bild im Rasterformat
xps Signatur / ASCII (Crosspoint)
XPT External Page Table
XPVM Executable Parallel Virtual Machine
xqt Execute Datei (Waffle)
XR Index Register
XRC Extended Remote Copy
XREF Cross Reference List
xrn Quicj run Config des Dosnavigator
XSC Extended Scientific Calculation
XSI X/Open Systenm Interface Specification
XSL Extensible Style(sheet) Language
XSLFO Extensible Style(sheet) Language Formatting Object
XSLT Extensible Style(sheet) Language Transformation
XSMD Extended Storage Module Drive
XSMP X11 Session Manager Protocol
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