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Abkürzungen der Kategorie IT/Elektro

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Abkürzung Langform
10GE 10 GBit/s Ethernet
16CIF 16 times Common Intermediate Format (Picture Format)
16QAM 16-state Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
1GL 1st Generation Language (Maschinencode)
1TR6 (ISDN-Protokoll D-Kanal, national)
2GL 2nd Generation Language (Assembler)
2MS Strukturierte Monopolleitung 2 Mbit/s
3GIO 3rd Generation I/O (Interface)
3GL 3rd Generation Language (C/C++, Fortran, Cobol)
3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Program
3LH 3rd Level Hierarchy
3PCC 3rd Party Call Control
4CIF 4 times Common Intermediate Format (Picture Format)
4GL 4th Generation Language (SQL, Labview, ABAP)
4LH 4th Level Hierarchy
5GL 5th Generation Language
64QAM 64-state Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
6GL 6th Generation Language
8N1 (Zeichenformat: 8 Bits/Zeichen, no parity bit, 1 Stopbit)
A Advanced, American, Amplitude, Application, Architecture, Area, Association
A Ampère
A Analog
A Amt
A&P Administration and Peripherals (module)
A&SG Accessories and Supplies Group
A-GPS Assisted Global Positioning System
A-LAN Automobile Local Area Network
A-SIT Austrian Security Information Technology center
A-TN A-TeilNehmer
A/B (2adrig) A/B
A/D Analog/Digital
A/UX Apple / Universal eXecutor
A/V Audio/Video
A2DP Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
A3D Audio 3 Dimensions
AA Arbitrary Access
AA Assistant Administrator
AA Audits + Assessments
AA Access Authorization
AA Application Address
AA American national standard code for information interchange (ASCII) Art
AA Auto Answer
AA Anti-Aliasing
AA Aiming Algorithm
AAA Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting
AAA All-in-1 Applikations-Anlass
AAA Access Authentication Authorisation
AAAAAA Association for the Abolition of Abused Abbreviations and Asinine Acronyms
AAAI American Association for Artificial Intelligence
AAB Application Anchor Block
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