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Abkürzungen der Kategorie IT/Elektro

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Abkürzung Langform
CAM Central Address Memory
CAMAC Computer Automated Measurement And Control
CAMD Computer Aided Molecular Design
CAMEL Computer Assisted Education Language
CAML Categorial Abstract Machine Language
CAMP Computer Assisted Movie Production
CAMP Compiler for Automatic Machine Programming
CAN Customer Access Network
CAN Controller Area Network
CAN Community Alert Network
CAN Car Area Network
CAN Campus/Communications/Complete Area Network
CAN Cancel
CAN Cancel Line
CANAL Catalog with Natural Language Access
CANS Computer Assisted Network System
CANUNET Canadian University Computer Network
CAO Computer Aided Administration and Organization
CAO Computer Aided Optimization
CAP Computing for Analysis Project
CAP Content Access Point
CAP Continuous Audit Program
CAP CTM Access Profile
CAP Computer Application Profile
CAP Computer Aided Planning/Production/Publishing
CAP Communication Application Platform
CAP Common Alerting Protocol
CAP Columbia AppleTalk Package
CAP Carrierless AM/PM
CAP Calendar Access Protocol
CAP Central Arbitration Point
CAPD Computer To Assist Persons with Disabilities
CAPE Computer Aided Pattern Engineering
CAPI Communication Application Program Interface
CAPI Common ISDN Application Programming Interface
CAPPC Computer Aided Production Planning and Control
CAPPP Computer Aided Process and Production Planning
CAPS Cassette Programming System
CAPS Computer Assisted Problem Solving
CAPS Capitals
CAPSC Computer Aided Production Scheduling and Control
CAPTAIN Character and Pattern Telephon Access Information Network
CAQ Computer Aided Quality Assurance/Control
CAR Computer Assisted Radiology
CAR Channel Address Register
CAR Compressed Audio Recording
CAR Computer Aided Retrieval
CARA Computer Aided Radio Amateur
CARAM Content Addressable Random Access Memory
CARDIS Cargo Data Interchange System
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