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Abkürzungen der Kategorie IT/Elektro

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Abkürzung Langform
CAV Constant Angular Velocity
CAVE Computer Aided Vision Engineering
CAVE Cave Automatic Virtual Environment
CAW Channel Address Word
CB Citizens Band
CB Cell Broadcast
CB Call Back
CBAC Context Based Access Control
CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CBC Cipher Block Chaining
CBCR Channel Byte Count Register
CBDS Connectionless Broadband Data Service
CBDTPA Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act
CBEFF Common Biometric Exchange Format Framework
CBEMA Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
CBI Crossbar Interface
CBI Computer Based Instruction
CBI Charles Babbage Insitute
CBIP Compressed Binaries IBM PC
CBIP Current Book In Progress
CBIR Content Based Image Retrieval
CBIRS Content Based Image Retrieval System
CBJ Conflict-directed Backjumping
CBL Computer Based Learning
CBL Communication By Light
CBO Coupling Between Object Classes
CBQ Class Based Queuing
CBR Content Based Retrieval
CBR Constant/Continuous Bit Rate
CBR CAS before RAS
CBS Crossbar Switch
CBT Core Based Tree
CBW Convert Byte to Word
CBX Computer-controlled/Computerized Branch Exchange
CC Connected Client
CC Country Code
CC Coupled Channel
CC Crossconnect
CC Cursor Control
CC Cyclic Check
CC Congestion Control
CC Condition Command/Code
CC Cable Connector
CC Call/Communication Center
CC Carbon Copy
CC Chain/Channel Command
CC Classification Code
CC Cluster/Communications Controller
CC Common Criteria (for IT Security Evaluation)
CCA Copyright Control Association
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