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Abkürzungen der Kategorie IT/Elektro

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Abkürzung Langform
CCPP Composite Capability Preference Profile
CCR Current Cell Rate
CCR Commitment, Concurrency, Recovery (OSI)
CCR Command and Control Research
CCR Center for Communications Research
CCRN Coordinating Council on Research Networks
CCS Continuos Composite Servo
CCS Common Communication Support
CCS Common Command Set (SCSI)
CCS Common Channel Signalling
CCS Closely Coupled System
CCS CAPI Connection Service
CCSA Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator
CCSA Common Control Switching Arrangement
CCSB The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies, Karlsruhe
CCSE Checkpoint Certified Security Engineer
CCSS7 Common Channel Signalling System No. 7
CCSY Cooperative Computing System Program
CCT Computerized Communication Terminal
CCTV Closed Circuit Television
CCU Central Communication/Control Unit
CCU Communications Control Unit
CCU Customer Control Unit
CCUT Computer Center at the University of Tokyo
CCVR Centre de Calcul Vectoriel pour la Recherche
CCW Channel Command Word
CCW Coherent Continuous Wave
CCW Continuous Composite Write (Once Disc)
CCX Cisco Compatible Extension
CD Call Deflection
CD Carrier Detect
CD Chained Data
CD Change Direction
CD Collision Detection
CD Colour Display
CD Committee Document (ISO)
CD-RDx Compact Disk Read Only Memory Data Exchange Standard
CD-ROMXA CD-ROM Extended Architecture
CD-RW Compact Disc Read Write
CD-RW Compact Disk Re-Writable
CD-V Compact Disk Video
CD-WO Compact Disk Write Once
CDA Compound Document Architecture (DEC)
CDA Communications Decency Act
CDAS Control and Data Acquisition System
CDATA Character Data
CDB Consolidated Database
CDC Cult of the Dead Cow
CDC Control Data Corporation (USA)
CDD Custom Debian Distribution
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