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Abkürzungen der Kategorie IT/Elektro

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Abkürzung Langform
ATB All Trunks Busy
ATC ATM Transfer Capability
ATC Adaptive Transform Coding
ATC Address Translation Cache
ATCA Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture
ATCP AppleTalk Control Protocol
ATDM Asynchronous Time Division Multiplexing
ATDMA Advanced/Asynchronous Time Division Multiple Access
ATE Automated/Automatic Test/Testing Equipment
ATF Automatic Track Finding/Following
ATF Asynchronous Transfer
ATIP Absolute Time In Pregroove
ATIS Automatic Transmitter Identification System
ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service
ATIS A Tools Integration Standard
ATK Andrew Toolkit
ATKIS Amtliches Topographisch-Kartographisches Informationssystem
ATL Automatic Tape Library
ATLAS Abreviated Test Language for All Systems
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM Adobe Type/Typeface Manager
ATM Automatic Teller Machine
ATM-CC ATM Crossconnect
ATMARP ATM Address Resolution Protocol
ATMP Ascend Tunnel Management Protocol
ATN Aeronautical Telecommunications Network
ATO Assemble/Assembly To Order
ATOM Advanced Terminal for Operation and Maintenance
ATP Adaptive Tolerant Protocol
ATP AppleTalk Transaction Protocol
ATP Acceptance Test Procedure
ATR Answer To Reset
ATR Automatic Terminal Recognition
ATRAC Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding
ATRC Adaptive Technology Resource Center, U. of Toronto
ATS Automatic Transfer Switch
ATS Advanced Training Solution
ATS Author Title Subject
ATS Apple Terminal Services
ATS Administrative Terminal System
ATSC Advanced Television Systems Committee
ATT Attenuator
ATTC Advanced Television Test Center, USA
ATV Advanced/Amateur Television
AU Administrative/Arithmetic/Access Unit
AUA Architecture Unifiee de Applications
AUC Authentication/Authority Centre
AUDIT Automated/Automatic Data Input Terminal
AUE Andrew User Environment
AUG Apollo/Arcnet User Group
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